Print is still Alive!

Speaking to your audience through strictly visual means requires the whole delivery—from fresh concepts to inviting copy to unforgettable images, CS Advertising specializes in ad packages designed to motivate your audience. Campaign experience ranges from regional newspapers to national trade publications to multi-genre magazine work.

Catalog Development

An equally important element of your marketing campaign, a well-designed and expertly organized catalog is essential to guiding your customers to the products they need. Developed with your marketing strategy in mind, catalogs are essential sales tools and may include company information, product listings, and a means for potential clients to contact you. Having your entire selection at the fingertips of the consumer is important as he or she considers purchasing your brand. Just as important is the arrangement of these items. Catalogs must reinforce your company image with engaging copy and design, and your products must be carefully positioned for optimal sales results.

Corporate Stationery

Properly implemented, an inviting corporate stationery package can consistently promote your image on a number of important levels. CS Advertising has crafted eye-catching business cards, letterhead, and mailing envelopes for clients ranging from large corporate entities and nonprofit groups to start up businesses and retail shops.

Product Packaging

From the determination of materials and sizing to layout concepts to final printed packaging, CS Advertising provides a variety of clients with innovative new ways to display their merchandise.

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